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16 Sexiest UC Berkeley Professors Over 65
(And Their Responses)

The Party is proud to present this list of the hottest professors over 65. We reached out to the 16 professors via email and included their responses.

1. Ruzena Bajcsy, EECS

Response: No Comment

2. Andrea diSessa, Education

Response: “After 40 years of this academic crap, someone finally figures out my true talents. Thanks for the honor.”

3. Peter Duesberg, MCB

Response: "But where are those 16 sexiest?"

4. Claude Fischer, Sociology

Response: No comment

5. Graham Fleming, Chemistry

Response: “Unfortunately, I am under 65 years old, and therefore ineligible for this honor.”

Our Response: "Never too young to be sexy."

6. Carl Heiles, Astronomy

Response: “How did you know?”

7. Darleane Hoffman, Chemistry

Response: “Thanks for using this photo--it even manages to hide some of my many wrinkles!”

8. Randy Katz, EECS

Response: “Sorry, I’m not over 65! :-(“

Our Response: "We're sorry too."

9. Marcin Majda, Chemistry

Response: “I am flattered, although being still 'only 62' I am not sure that I qualify. My life began anew when I started teaching freshman chemistry nearly 10 years ago. And it keeps me younger than what you guys think. Perhaps you are right - I am 65 and it's only Chem 1A that makes me 62...”

10. Peter Norvig, CS

Response: “Get back to me in 8 years, when I'll be over 65.”

Our Response: "Don't worry, we will."

11. Rich Saykally, Chemistry

Response: "What an honor! I am thrilled! I have waited all my life for this! Watch out Bollywood! Yahoo!!"

12. Dan Slobin, Psychology

Response: No Comment

13. Robert Tjian, MCB

Response: "no comment."

14. Laura Tyson, Business Administration

Response: No Comment

15. Hal Varian, School of Information

Response: "Does this mean I get a parking space?"

16. Oliver Williamson, Economics

Response: "I am amused to be so described. Let the record show that I am 81."

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